Why should I sell my property at auction?

What are the benefits of selling your home at auction?
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There are several terrific reasons to sell your property at auction.  Below I have listed just some of them:

Competitive Bidding

Selling at auction is a terrific way to drive up the value of your property.  When a buyer’s competitive instinct takes over it is natural for people to want to win the auction.  This can have a terrific impact on the value you achieve for your property.

Less chance of a sale falling through

When selling at auction we secure a 10% deposit from a buyer once the offer is accepted. This means that the sale is much less likely to fall through, and if it does, at the very least you get compensated with the entire 10% deposit they paid.  That’s right, we don’t keep any of it.  The entire amount is immediately transferred to your solicitor as soon as we receive it, they will release it to you as soon as they are prepared to do so.

Advertise your property to millions of potential buyers

At Green Door we are desperate to find buyers for your property and as such, we market it on all the places it needs to be seen.  These portals include Right Move, Zoopla, On the Market, Prime Location and Boomin as well as our own website.

£0 Sellers fee

That’s right, £0 sellers fee.  We don’t charge you anything to sell your property with us.  We back ourselves to find a buyer for you and if we do it is the buyer who pays our fee so you don’t need to!

No Contract

We are proud of the level of service we will give you and we are determined to be the best in the industry.  We are sure you will be happy with us however if for any reason you decide you want to withdraw your property from the market with us that is entirely up to you. There’s no contract so you just need to let us know and we will withdraw it for you.

Don’t worry, we’ve heard the myths too, ‘selling at auction is just giving your property away’.  That is simply not true though.  Once we have had our initial conversation, we will come back to you with our recommendation. We then have a chat about how much you need to achieve from the sale and set your reserve price accordingly.  We know you may have other considerations to consider such as a mortgage.  You may simply just feel you’d rather hold onto it than selling for less than you feel is a fair amount and that is absolutely fine, it is your property after all.  In short, you decide how much you are willing to accept so there is no danger of selling for less than an amount you feel is fair.


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