Why Buy Property At Auction?

What are the benefits of buying property at auction?

There are loads of great reasons for buying property at auction. Firstly, you get all types of properties.  You can get ‘dooer uppers’, tenanted properties, properties in immaculate condition, commercial properties and land of various shapes and sizes from all over the country. A lot of auction property can be quite unique and can be very appealing to the right person.

While there is also a lot of myths and misconceptions around buying at auction and not every property is available for a knockdown price, it is also fair to say that on many occasions you will find motivator sellers that have perhaps had their property on the open market for a long time and are now trying something different to find a buyer.  As well as that, it is a quick and straightforward process without the worry about sales falling through or long protracted negotiations.

Another great reason for buying at auction is the transparency of the bidding process.  On the day of the auction, the current highest bid is displayed on the website, you can then decide if you want to beat it or not. This can result in significant savings compared to a deadline for offers on the open market where you have no idea what other people are offering, and you are essentially bidding blind.

Buying property at auction can also provide a quick turnaround once the offer is accepted with most sales concluding within 28 days.

Learn more about the steps involved with buying property at auction, what happens after you place a bid or check out our buying property at auction FAQs for more support.

To view all our available properties, check out the auction properties section of our website and if you have any further questions get in touch and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.