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At Green Door we pride ourselves on keeping it simple, no complicated jargon and with a fixed selling fee of only £500 there’s no hidden costs to be scared of. If you’re looking at this page you are probably considering selling your property, or are at least curious as to how it works. I have detailed below the process on a step by step basis which should hopefully go some way to answering any questions you may have.

Step 1 - Let's chat..

Give us a call on 0131 322 8550 and we will have an informal chat with you about the property, a bit about us, what your hopes are and we can see if we are the right people for you. No pressure, no hard sale, just a bit of a blether so we can start to get to know each other and the property!

Step 2 - Now we know about you and your property..

Using years of property experience we will perform a desktop valuation to give an idea of what we feel is a realistic valuation of your property. We will work together to agree a reserve price to ensure the property doesn't get sold for less than you are happy with. Should you receive any offers lower than the reserve price we would ask you if you wanted to accept it or if you want to try negotiate a better deal, simple! Please be aware that Under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 a Home Report is required and any valuation will be dependent on the value given in the Home Report.

Step 3 - Say Cheese for the camera..

By this stage you are looking to go ahead and sell your property with Green Door. We will now come out to expertly photograph your property and start to market it. By choosing Green Door Property Auctions you will be going with a company that markets your property to hundreds of thousands of people on the major portals such as Right Move, Zoopla and On the Market as well as our own website. Please remember we work on a no sale no fee basis so you can be assured we will do this using many years of experience and nous. If we don't sell your property, we don't get paid so by using Green Door you will be taking on a motivated company determined to get the best price for your property.

Step 4 - Lets sell your property now..

We've agreed a reserve price, we've photographed it and we're ready to go. We now set a deadline for bids. Normally this period will be a fortnight to allow prospective bidders a period to do their due diligence. We can be flexible with this to set a deadline that suits you though, if you want a bit longer or need it sold quicker, not a problem, it's your property, you decide!

Step 5 - The Bids are in..

The bids are in, we’ve notified you of the highest and we’ve sold the property. Upon accepting the offer we secure a 10% deposit from the buyer, subject to a minimum of £3,000.00. This then ties the buyer into the sale, should the buyer change their mind or get cold feet at a later date, they would lose their deposit and be in breach of contract which makes it extremely unlikely.

Step 6 - Hammer down..

Fantastic, by this point your property is sold and your sipping the champagne or celebratory cup of tea. We now send the details of the purchaser to your solicitor so they can do whatever legal stuff that solicitors do to conclude the sale. Once we have received the deposit we will forward it directly on to your solicitor. Before we transfer the deposit across we deduct our fixed £500 fee, we've been paid, you've sold the property, buyer has bought their property. Everybody's happy! Congratulations!

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about selling at a property auction?

We’ve put together the following guides to help you find out everything you need to know about selling your property at auction:


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Beautiful Capital City of Scotland is a popular tourist and business destination all year round.  The property market in this fine Festival City has consistently remained buoyant for a good number of years and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down at any time soon.  Edinburgh is our hub for both the city and all surrounding areas from the scenic Scottish Borders to the commuter towns of and picturesque villages of Fife.


The wonderful City of Discovery has enjoyed a regeneration in recent years with the waterfront development on the banks of the Firth of Tay estuary at the heart of it.  Dundee benefits from a large Student population ensuring rental properties, in particular,  are always popular.  Moving south from Dundee is the Fair City of Perth while going the other direction North of Dundee you have the birthplace of Scotland, Angus.


The Granite City, as it is affectionately called, is a vibrant city with a large student population.  The city has benefited from the Oil industry with a number of large businesses headquarters being based there.  The Aberdeenshire area boasts some of the best beaches and coastal walks in the country.  With the rise in popularity of Staycations the rural settings of Aberdeenshire villages are sure to be popular in the coming years.