How long does it take to sell at auction?

Are you thinking of selling at auction
but wonder how long it will take?

When selling at auction and wondering how long it will take there is a few things to consider.  The first thing I would point to is the completion timescales. When selling your property at Auction standard time scales allow for a 28-day exchange. This means that 28 days after the hammer is dropped, and the deal is agreed you would get the funds in your bank account. For most people this is fantastic and are happy with these timescales, there are however exceptions. In some cases, you may want a bit longer to give you time to move into your next property or in some cases you may agree on a lower amount as you want the money in your account quicker.

The good news here is that contrary to common misconception there is plenty flexibility when selling at auction. If you want a longer or shorter completion time, simply ask your solicitor to include special conditions of sale to stipulate how long you want the completion timescales to be. The date of completion can also be discussed at the time of negotiating the sale.

Right, I think that covers how long it takes to complete a sale once a deal is agreed. Before you get to that stage though, how long does it take?

To take it right back to the start, once you have decided to sell and you have instructed the Home Report, I cannot speak for other firms, we can certainly get it listed within a week though. Once you have decided to proceed, we will come out and photograph your property as soon as possible, meaning we can put it on all the portals as soon as the Home Report lands on our desk!

How long will it take to sell once it is listed? There are several variables to consider including the location, how much you need to achieve and how quickly you want to sell it.  There are several factors within your control that will help with a quick sale other than just the cost, you can check out a blog I did in June 2021 for more details on that.

Looking for more information
about selling at a property auction?

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