Scotland’s Newest Online Property Auction Company

Hi,  My name is Craig Lothian, founder of Green Door Property Auctions,  Scotland’s Newest Online Property Auction company. Thank you for reading my first blog. I will be updating this monthly with thoughts on the property market and any other ramblings that seem appropriate at the time.

As this is my first blog I am sure you will be expecting me to be detailing lots of reasons as to why you should buy and sell properties at auction, lets face it, there are lots of reasons to do so and with the economy being as it is, it is a fascinating time to be in the industry. You would however be wrong, that is not the route I am going to go down with this particular update. As this is my first time doing this I wanted to make it a bit more personal, let you know a bit about me, what makes me tick and hopefully this will give you a wee insight into how we see the company growing.

I have worked in the Scottish Property market for around 7 years and the Property Auction world for the last 3 years. Prior to working in the auction industry I worked for a property management company that dealt a lot with social housing. Some of the sights I’ve seen in the hundreds, if not thousands of properties I’ve visited may make some people run a mile but I’ve got to say, I absolutely love it. The property industry is something I’ve always been fascinated with and Yes, I’m one of those geeks that checks the property portals every day, even when not buying. If you are reading this just now I suspect a fair number of you may be the same.

Outside of work I like to think I am a pretty normal family guy, I have a wife , a 7 year old son and a Shih-Tzu called Messi (can you guess who named him?). In my spare time, like most parents, revolves mainly around taking my boy to his football, swimming and any other activity he is keen to try at that time as well as us all out enjoying the fresh air with long dog walks every weekend. What a beautiful country we live in for that.

I am going to finish by thanking you for taking the time to read this blog. I know I said this wouldn’t be used for a sales pitch for selling at auction but I can’t resist a little one. I am passionate about the industry and to be frank we are determined to improve the image and perception of buying and selling at auction. It is going to be one hell of an exciting journey for all concerned with Green Door Property Auctions, we hope as many of you as possible join us on this journey. If you are reading this or are considering buying or selling at auction we would love for you to give us a call and we will happily have a good open and honest conversation to decide if this is the right route for you to go down.

Hope you all have enjoyed this read, if you have any other questions about the company but maybe aren’t ready to give us a call yet, please have read through our website or send us an email and we will help as much a we can.

All The Best